Who is the best big brother in Once Piece between Ace and Sabo?

Ace, Sabo, and Luffy have sworn brothers who became close when they shared a house as children and shared sake cups. The three made quite a name for themselves over the years to set out to sea in search of freedom. Being older, Ace and Sabo have always cherished their relationship with Luffy and have done everything in their power to protect him. They both possess traits that make them great brothers. Here are five reasons Ace is One Piece’s best big brother, and five reasons Sabo is better. Hoping that after reading our reasons, you will choose your answer. 

Begging with 5 reasons explaining why Ace can be a big brother in One Piece.

1. Ace knows Luffy better 

Ace knows Luffy better 

The two who have spent the most time together are Ace and Luffy. Ace was introduced to Luffy by Garp when he was taken to Dadan, whereas Sabo was introduced to Luffy later. After the encounter with the Celestial Dragon, it was assumed that Sabo had passed away. Years passed as Luffy and Ace continued to share a home before Ace turned 17 and finally set out on his journey. Ace is more familiar with Luffy because he has spent a lot more time with him.

2. Ace is stronger

Ace is stronger


Ace was the strongest of the three when they were all still residing together, followed by Sabo and Luffy. Ace had a heavy burden to protect his two brothers because he was the strongest, and he dutifully carried it out. Thanks to his strength, Ace was able to save Luffy countless times, and one of his motivations for continuing to get stronger was to keep Luffy safe.

3. Ace never ran away

Ace never ran away


Ace had never met his father, Gol D. Roger, and was therefore unable to pick his brain. Even though Ace hated his father, he still possessed some of his traits and some of Roger’s blood. Ace, like Roger, would never ignore a threat out of concern for the safety of his loved ones. This was evident when, as a child, he shielded Luffy from Bluejam and his gang and later, Navy Admiral Akainu at Marineford.

4. Ace saved Luffy from Blackheard 

Ace saved Luffy from Blackheard 


After Thatch passed away, Ace set out to find Blackbeard, and he eventually did so on Banaro Island. In a coincidental move, he also prevented Blackbeard from reaching Water 7 and saving Luffy from certain death. Without Ace, Luffy would have perished at Water 7 and his journey would have come to an end. Instead, Ace was defeated by Blackbeard, who then gave him to the Government while sparing Luffy.

5. Ace made Luffy stronger

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Luffy always worked out with Portgas D. Ace, who assisted him in getting stronger. But after his death, he carried out that activity much more extensively. Luffy concluded that he needed to become stronger in order to be able to defend the things he treasures after failing to save his brother. He consequently endorsed Rayleigh’s recommendation, and the two started their two-year training program on Ruskaina. Ace’s passing ultimately served as Luffy’s motivation to move forward.

The following reasons are why Sabo deserves to be a big brother in this movie. 

6. Sabo is nicer 

Sabo is nicer 


Sabo is the nicer of his two brothers, according to Luffy. Sabo was much kinder to him and understood him better than Ace, who had given him tough love when he was younger. Sabo was also much more patient than Ace, who was prone to losing his cool, and he hardly ever hit Luffy. It goes without saying that because of that, Luffy enjoyed Sabo’s company.

7. Sabo is a supportive person 

Sabo is a supportive person 


Both Sabo and Ace looked out for Luffy in their way, however, Sabo was much better when it came to showing support. When Luffy trained with them, Ace often mocked his Devil Fruit powers and called them unsuitable for combat.

8. Sabo and Luffy had treasures in childhood 

Sabo and Luffy had treasures in childhood 


Sabo is a very compassionate individual who voluntarily gave up his life as a noble because he never fit in there. He had no interest in fame or wealth, and Sabo’s only treasure was the brotherhood she shared with Ace and Luffy. Now that Ace has passed away, Luffy is Sabo’s prized possession, and as he told Fujitora, his brother is the most important person in his life.

9. Sabo saves Luffy from Burgess 

Sabo saves Luffy from Burgess 


Just like Ace, Sabo is ready to go to any lengths to save his brother and at Dressrosa, fans got a glimpse of that when he saved Luffy from Burgess’ attack. The Champion was trying to kill Luffy to steal his Devil Fruit power, however, Sabo stepped in on time and defeated Burgess within a few seconds.

10. Sabo carries Ace’s Will


Sabo is the only sibling Luffy currently has; however, Ace is still alive. In the world of One Piece, the concept of an inherited will is very significant, and after Ace passed away, Sabo was the one to inherit his will. Ace is still present in Sabo, and his will is stronger than ever. Sabo is currently the best brother Luffy could ask for.

There is no easy answer when it comes to who the best big brother in Once Piece between Ace and Sabo is. It depends on the individual and what kind of role model they need. Ace can be strict at times, but he also has a heart of gold. Sabo is always up for a good time, but he can also be very serious when needed. It’s important to find someone with who you feel close and can talk openly, without feeling judged or embarrassed. So who do you think wins this once-in-a-lifetime showdown?

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